June 23, 2016

H. Upmann No.2 Reserva Cosecha 2010

While Cuba is likely not the birthplace of the cigar, it certainly is the place we most associate cigars and cigar tradition with. Cuba brought...
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Sindicato Bringing Back Particulares Brand at IPCPR 2016

In 1935, Segundo Lopez filed a registration in Cuba for a new brand, Montecristo. A short time later, Lopez sold his Particulares factory and the brand to Alonso...
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J. Cortès Close to Purchasing Oliva

Oliva Cigar Co., one of the largest premium cigar operations in the world, is close to being sold. The expected buyer will be a new name...
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Hammer + Sickle Plans Museum Series, Tradicion Salomones for IPCPR 2016

Hammer + Sickle has a new line and a new size in the works for this year’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show. When is a...
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Viaje Juntos Takes Shape Before IPCPR 2016 Release

Viaje’s collaboration with Quesada, known as Juntos, is slated to be released at next month’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show. Now more details have emerged...
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