June 17, 2016

MLB Cigar Ventures Ships Imperia Islero

The latest from MLB Cigar Ventures is heading to stores. Mike Bellody, owner of MLB Cigar Ventures, told halfwheel his newest line, Imperia Islero, has begun...
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De Los Reyes Launches Short Tales Series

Rest assured, the book in the humidor is not for reading. Rather, it’s probably the newest cigar from De Los Reyes Cigars’ Saga brand. The...
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Cigar Traveller CT30

One of the relatively minor inconveniences of being a cigar smoker who travels is that I’m not able to bring a torch lighter with me....
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La Flor Dominicana Creates Finck Cigars Exclusive

Earlier this month, at Finck Cigars’ annual Lone Star Cigar Bash, La Flor Dominicana brought an exclusive cigar for the event. View this post on...
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MoyaRuiz Plan La Jugada Claro

Sometimes it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. That was the caption of an image for a new cigar from MoyaRuiz. The company showed...
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Ask halfwheel: Can You Recommend Some Strong Cigars?

Today on Ask halfwheel, a rarity. Reader Matt managed to get all four of us to answer the same question: what are some strong (nicotine-wise) cigars?...
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