June 15, 2016

Hunters & Frankau Previews New Juan Lopez Selección Superba

At last night’s annual Hunters & Frankau Summer Party, the U.K.’s distributor of Cuban cigars showed off the latest Edición Regional for the region. This...
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Quality Importers Acquires Get-A-Grip Cigar Clip

Quality Importers has announced that it has acquired Get-A-Grip, the company behind the Get-A-Grip Cigar Clip. While Quality Importers has been the distributor of Get-A-Grip since...
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Leavenworth, Kan. Revisits, Passes Tobacco Purchase Age Increase

A little over three months ago, the Leavenworth, Kan. City Commission couldn’t come to an agreement as to whether or not it made sense to pursue an...
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