June 2, 2016

Dallas Moves Forward on Parks Smoking Ban With Exemptions

Three months after tabling the matter, the Dallas Parks and Recreation Board voted to ban smoking in all city parks but with a few crucial...
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Powstanie SBC 16 Heading to IPCPR 2016

Two years ago, when the brothers behind Cigar Hustler of Deltona, Fla. were working on the blend that would become Apollodani, they also created another...
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Tobacco Purchased Age Increased to 21 in Worcester, Mass.

As the summer heat begins to subside, the minimum age to purchase tobacco products in Worcester, Mass. will rise, as the city’s board of health...
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Global Premium Cigars Files Lawsuit Against FDA

Global Premium Cigars, LLC—the company behind the 1502 Cigars brand—has filed what is the first known instance of a premium cigar company suing the U.S....
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West Virginia Once Again Considering Tobacco Tax Increase

The West Virginia state legislature has volleyed a tobacco tax increase back and forth for nearly three months as they seek to come to a...
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OMB Changes Removed Flavored Tobacco Restrictions from FDA Rule

While cigar manufacturers, retailers and smokers are still trying to grasp the impact of new regulations about to go into effect, it turns out the...
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Iwan Ries & Co. Leads Lawsuit to Block Chicago Tobacco Tax Increase

On Tuesday, a group led by historic Chicago cigar retailer Iwan Ries & Co. filed a legal challenge to the city of Chicago’s pending tobacco tax...
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