April 14, 2016

Eiroa TCB Lanceros Heading to Spring Street Cigars

There’s a new exclusive from Christian Eiroa heading to the birthplace of Elvis Presley and its name is aptly tied to The King. The Eiroa...
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Lotus International Changes Name to Rëyns International

Lotus International, the former U.S. distributor for S.T.Dupont and the new distributor for Elie Bleu, has announced that has changed its name to Rëyns International....
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Viaje Zombie Red (2016)

For reasons that I don’t understand, Viaje seems to be releasing less and less information about its products in recent times. While the company certainly...
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Padrón Dámaso No. 32 Arrives

Turns out there’s another addition to the Padrón Dámaso line. Corona Cigar Co. of Orlando, Fla. has taken delivery of the Pardón Dámaso No. 32,...
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Baton Rouge, La. Rejects Smoking Ban Expansion

Unlike New Orleans, smoking will remain legal in bars and casinos in Louisiana’s capital. Last night the Baton Rouge voted 6-6 on a proposal that...
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Cleveland, Ohio Increases Tobacco Purchase Age Today

The minimum age to purchase tobacco products in Cleveland, Ohio is now 21-years-old. The increase from the previous minimum age of 18-years-old comes 120 days since Mayor Frank...
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