March 18, 2016

Visol Night Carbon Fiber 2 Finger Cigar Case

Carbon fiber has been around for decades. And yet, it still sort of seems like something that up until very recently was reserved for advanced...
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Chogüí Primeraño

In November 2015, Chogüí Cigars celebrated its one year anniversary, and as cigar companies are wont to do, commemorated the occasion with a cigar. Measuring 5...
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Viva Republica Releases First Cloak & Dagger, Ojos Verdes

Viva Republica has a new series of cigars and it’s purposely covered in mystery. Cloak & Dagger is a new program that the company has...
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Punch Supremos Edición Regional Released in Switzerland

Cigar smokers in Switzerland can now purchase the latest Edición Regional made for the country, as the Punch Supremos was released to retail this week....
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Ask halfwheel: Can I now legally ship Cuban cigars to the U.S.?

Welcome back to perhaps the most timely version of our Friday feature, Ask halfwheel. Each Friday, we tackle a question (or two) from one (or more)...
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Leave it to the cold, windy and rainy nights of the United Kingdom to be the inspiration for a lighter, but that’s exactly the case...
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