March 15, 2016

California Tobacco Regulation Fight Threatened Before Bills Land on Governor’s Desk

Last week, the California Senate approved five different anti-tobacco measures as part of a special session on health. The measures included raising the minimum age to...
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Cuban Cigars Become Legal for Americans Traveling Around the World

Americans can now purchase Cuban cigars when traveling in another country. Ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba next week, the Department of the Treasury’s Office...
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Hawaii Cigar Tax Cap Passes Senate

The multi-year effort to make cigars more affordable in Hawaii had a significant win last week. A week ago, Hawaii’s Senate voted 19-4 with two...
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La Imperiosa Minutos

There’s no denying that the winter months can be tough on cigar smokers. For those without regular access to an indoor smoking lounge, trying to...
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