February 7, 2016

Tatuaje K 222 Coming This Spring (Update)

Last April, Pete Johnson’s beloved rottweiler passed away; this spring, there’s a cigar paying tribute to Kona. View this post on Instagram My awesome buddy @da_maka...
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Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 6

After a year off, La Flor Dominicana’s flagship limited edition cigar returned late last year. The Small Batch line began in 2006, and has been...
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New Jersey Legislature Takes Up Tobacco Age Increase, Smoking Bans Again

Just a few weeks after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie used a pocket veto to defeat a bill that would raise the minimum age to...
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Michigan’s Cigar Tax Cap Moves to House for Debate

In 2012, the Michigan legislature approved a 50-cent cap on its cigar tax, which had previously been 32% of the wholesale price. But tucked in...
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Bills Seek to Cut Maryland Cigar Tax in Half

A pair of bills currently moving through the Maryland legislature are trying to give premium cigar smokers a break at the cash register by cutting...
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Cigar Tax Cut Proposed Again in Hawaii

Legislators in Hawaii will once again take up the issue of reducing the tax on premium cigars, as a trio of legislators are once again...
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