January 28, 2016

Viaje Hangover Heads to Anthony’s Cigar Emporium

First there was Drinking Age for its 21st anniversary, now Anthony’s Cigar Emporium is celebrating its 22nd anniversary with the Hangover. The Tucson, Ariz.-based store...
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Surrogates AC550 Coming in Spring

“Because you asked over and over,” is how Dan Welsh, one of L’Atelier Imports’ co-founders, Instagram post announcing the cigar began. Inevitably people wanted a...
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Drew Estate to Distribute Debonaire

Earlier this month, Philip Zanghi of Debonaire was curiously at the Drew Estate sales meeting. It’s not because he’s joining the company, but because Drew Estate...
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Quesada Keg Edition 2016 Lonsdale

If there’s one trend in the cigar industry that has taken off in recent years, it’s creating limited edition releases for almost every holiday on...
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Davidoff Remaking Zino Platinum

If you are wondering what’s next on the Davidoff of Geneva USA’s makeover list, it’s Zino Platinum. Following the company’s sales meeting, it became known...
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E.P. Carrillo Teases New Look for Short Run 2016, 8 x 58 Inch Maduro

E.P. Carrillo has been teasing a new look for the 2016 edition of the Short Run on social media lately, but the company isn’t saying...
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