October 6, 2015

Room101 Johnny Tobacconaut Heading to Stores

It was first shown off in the sate of Louisiana, now it’s debuting in Louisiana. On Friday, Davidoff of Geneva USA will begin shipping the...
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Oviedo, Fla. Passes Parks Smoking Ban

The Orlando, Fla. suburb of Oviedo has a new smoking ban at city parks and buildings after the city council unanimously passed the proposal at...
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Padrón 1926 Serie No. 47 Maduro

At the 47th annual Tobacconists’ Association of America (TAA) meeting in April, Padrón offered the retailer members an exclusive cigar for the third time. The newest exclusive is...
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Nat Sherman 85th Anniversary

Nat Sherman is arguably the quintessential luxury American tobacco company. It is not only a family run company, but its reach goes far beyond just...
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