July 26, 2015

MoyaRuiz The Rake Cut

For its sophomore release, Danny Moya and Nelson Ruiz of MoyaRuiz Cigars returned to Erik Espinosa’s La Zona Cigar Factory and their love of games,...
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IPCPR 2015: Veritas Cigars

The Veritas booth was tucked away towards the back of the show, but in a fairly visible location along an aisle. While they had plenty of...
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IPCPR 2015: Dictador Cigars

Tucked off the main aisle is a very suave looking booth for Dictador Cigars. The company also makes rum, gin and coffee, and as such...
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IPCPR 2015: PDR Cigars

Seeing PDR Cigars at the 2015 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show in New Orleans brought things full circle for me; I attended my first show...
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IPCPR 2015: Bram Warren

Bram Warren is tucked away down an aisle, but when you walk by the art pieces in the booth immediately catch your eye. Warren offers...
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IPCPR 2015: Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co.

In the Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co booth there’s not much branding to define it as such. Island Jim seems to dominate the booth with...
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IPCPR 2015: Catelli Cigar Co.

Catelli Cigar Co. unveiled a third blend to the market at this year’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show. Modella Maduro The Modella Maduro will be a regular release...
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IPCPR 2015: Graycliff Cigar Company

For the last few years, Graycliff’s trade show has been lackluster. There’s been a lack of new lines, a booth that has shrunk in size...
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IPCPR 2015: Colibri

In December, I pondered whether or not anyone would challenge XIKAR’s dominance in the $30-100 cutter and lighter market. Turns out, Colibri is going to...
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IPCPR 2015: 7-20-4

Kurt Kendall’s 7-20-4 booth was tucked away towards the back, but they had some nice branded flags sticking up making it quite a bit easier to...
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IPCPR 2015: Arturo Fuente & J.C. Newman

The Arturo Fuente/J.C. Newman booth was as boisterous as ever, with cheerful music playing and plenty of beautiful cigars and accessories to look at. All...
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