May 1, 2015

Tatuaje Musubi

Earlier this year, an odd Tatuaje band returned in Hawaii. In 2013, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje posted a picture of an unusual gold and white band on...
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Gary Griffith Leaves House of Emilio

Earlier today, House of Emilio announced that Gary Griffith—who had served as the head of Emilio and its distribution arm, House of Emilio—has left the...
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Cuban Stock Cigars Creates Limited Edition for Reddit’s r/cigars Group

Cuban Stock Cigars has partnered with the administrators of the Reddit group r/cigars to create a limited edition cigar for the online community. According to...
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XIKAR 5×64 Turrim

Anyone even remotely familiar with the cigar industry is well aware of the growth of the big ring gauge cigar over the past few years—and...
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262 Cigars Enters Bundle Market with Peacefield

262 Cigars has announced that it is entering into the world of bundle cigars with Peacefield, a new line that will be shipping to retailers...
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E.P. Carrillo Short Run 2015 Napoleon

E.P. Carrillo has once again released its annual Short Run series, a collection of three sizes with limited production that begin appearing at retailers in...
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Farmington, Mo. Reveals Smoking Ban That Voters Could Decide On

City leaders in Farmington, Mo. have released a draft of a proposed smoking ban that voters will likely decide this November during general elections. But...
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Smoking Ban Starts Today in Ocean City, Md.

A new smoking ban goes into effect in Ocean City, Md. today, bringing to life legislation that was passed last August and has been under...
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