April 7, 2015

Charlie Toraño Captiva BFC

Last September, when it was announced that General Cigar Co. would be purchasing the Toraño brands, most details were figured out. General claimed the blends...
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Moist-N-Aire S-1000R

A few years ago I was having trouble with the humidity in my converted wine cooler and adding more beads wasn’t seeming to help. I...
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Grand Forks, N.D. Gets Closer To Expanding Park Smoking Ban

There are still a few hurdles left to clear, but parks in Grand Forks, N.D. appear to be on the way to becoming completely tobacco...
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Europe to Get First Taste of Trunk Show

European cigar smokers will soon be getting their own version of General Cigar’s Trunk Show line, which had previously been available only in the United...
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