March 29, 2015

Ramón Allones Petit Unico (ER Canada 2009)

Today I’ll be looking at another of the Edición Regional releases from Habanos S.A., this time from the Ramón Allones marca. When the program first...
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Nomad Estelí Lot 8613 Slated for April (update)

If you have a hard time keep tracking of Nomad’s number naming system, but you do remember liking the company’s 2013 release—the new Nomad Estelí...
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Cuba Rica Limitada No. 1 L5

Last year, Stephen Adib spent much of the year revamping his Cuba Rica brand. There were changes to the company’s Tesarosso line, as well as...
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Cream Machine

In early 2014, Robert Caldwell partnered up with Tony Bellatto and Jaclyn Sears, just months after his split with Christian Eiroa and their Wynwood Cigars brand. The new...
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Lexington, Mass. Headed Towards Tobacco Purchase Age Increase

Lexington, Mass. appears headed towards an increase of the age to purchase tobacco products after the town’s board of health was recently given full control...
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Waynesville, N.C. Working on Smoking Ban

The Smoky Mountain town of Waynesville, N.C. continues to work on a smoking ban after looking at a first draft at its meeting on March...
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