November 19, 2014

Westminster, Mass. Board of Health Drops Plan to Ban Tobacco Sales

The Westminster Board of Health has dropped plans to seek a total ban on the sales of tobacco in the Boston suburb that’s home to...
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Boulder Outdoor Area Smoking Ban Passes First Vote

The Boulder City Council unanimously proved not one, but two bills to outlaw smoking in the city’s parks, paths, bus stops and the Downtown Boulder...
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BernzOmatic ST2200 Micro Torch

When you think of something to light your cigar with, the name BernzOmatic probably isn’t a brand that comes to mind, unless you were thinking...
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CAO Gold Nasty Nutcracker

Last year, General Cigar Co. commemorated the Christmas season by releasing two limited edition extensions to its La Traviata line with “holiday” themes: Angry Santa...
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XIKAR Soft Launches M8 Cutter, 5×64 Turrim Lighter

If you looked closely at your local brick and mortar retailer’s XIKAR case recently, there’s a small chance you might have noticed something different. Quietly,...
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Stillwater, Okla. Passes Resolution on Tobacco-Free Parks

At its meeting Monday night, the Stillwater City Council unanimously passed a resolution stating that all outdoor areas of the city’s park system are to...
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