November 12, 2014

Westminster, Mass. Tobacco Ban Hearing Ends Early

The controversial plan to ban sales of all tobacco products in Westminster, Mass. created an unruly public hearing forcing the city’s board of health to...
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Newark, N.J. Park Smoking Ban Being Signed Into Law

Last month, the Newark Municipal Council unanimously passed Ordinance 14-0338, banning smoking at parks, recreational facilities, community centers and city-owned or city-operated cars. According to a...
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Mombacho Announces New Casa Favilli Factory

Almost every cigar made in Nicaragua is rolled in Estelí. There are a few notable exceptions, one of which is Mombacho Cigars S.A., who makes...
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Illusione Ships Singularé 2014 Anunnaki

The latest Singularé from Illusione is on its way to stores. Dion Giolito of Illusione announced that Singularé 2014 Anunnaki (5 1/4 x 54) is now...
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Fargo, N.D. Expands Park Smoking Ban

The Fargo Park Board has decreased the number of places smokers will be allowed to light up after modifying its existing smoking ban at its...
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Anthony’s Cigar Emporium Gets The Martino From My Father For 20th Anniversary

Anthony’s Cigar Emporium, which has locations in Tucson and Phoenix, Ariz., will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on Friday with a store exclusive from My...
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L’Atelier Extension de la Racine ER14

As an incentive to get more retailers to the trade show and reward the ones who make the often long and expensive trip, in 2013...
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Stillwater, Okla. To Look at Tobacco Ban on City-Owned Property

The Stillwater City Council is set to begin the process of discussing and possibly implementing a new tobacco-related ordinance that could result in a complete...
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