October 1, 2014

Camacho Liberty 2014

This year marks the 13th year of the Camacho Liberty Series, an annual release made to celebrate freedom. Created by the company’s former owners, the...
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Houston Tweaks Smoking Ban

While smoking will no longer be allowed in “public pedestrian plazas” in Houston, the cost of getting caught smoking where its illegal has been significantly...
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Miami Cigar & Co. Begins Shipping Hfbarcelona Products

If you have been wanting to purchase some of the accessories from Hfbarcelona and live in the U.S., the wait is over. Miami Cigar &...
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Tatuaje Monster Series “Unlucky 13” Retailers Announced for 2014

There’s two in Texas, one in California and an even one in Hawaii. The list of the 13 retailers selected to receive the bulk of...
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Wayland, Mass. Raises Minimum Purchasing Age, Passes Smoking Bans

Add the town of Wayland to the list of places in Massachusetts where it will be illegal to purchase tobacco if you are under the...
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Hull, Mass. Raises Tobacco Purchase Age to 21, Bans Smoking in Parks

Tuesday was a bad day for smokers in Hull, Mass., as the town’s Board of Selectman voted to make it the 33rd municipality in the state where...
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Zino Platinum Make of Texas Begins Shipping

The limited edition Zino Platinum named in honor of the lone star state has already arrived in Texas and will soon head to retailers nationwide....
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Braintree, Mass. Raises Tobacco Purchase Age Today

If you want to purchase a premium cigar or any tobacco product, e-cigarette or other “nicotine delivery device” in the Boston suburb of Braintree today,...
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