September 19, 2014

Redwood County, Minn. Bans Tobacco on County-Owned Grounds

Smokers in Redwood County, Minn. will soon be enjoying their final puffs on county-owned grounds, as earlier this week the county board voted to ban...
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Black Label Trading Co. Slates Deliverance for November Arrival

Black Label Trading Co. has announced a new limited edition cigar that it expects to have on store shelves in November, a dual-vitola release the...
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JM Tobacco Adds JM’s Nicaraguan

JM Tobacco has released its latest offering to retail, the JM’s Nicaraguan line. A hand-made Cuban sandwich style cigar, the line is available in eight...
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Crowned Heads To Release Arrington Vineyards Double-W

Crowned Heads is set to release another exclusive blend, this time for Arrington Vineyards in Arrington, Tenn. The aptly named Arrington Vineyards Double-W—which stands for...
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Abbeville, La. Adopts Smoke-Free Air Ordinance

Earlier this week, the Abbeville City Council unanimously adopted the Smoke-Free Air Ordinance known, a piece of legislation that will ban smoking in the city’s parks,...
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Parks Smoking Ban Could Be Coming to Ann Arbor, Mich.

In April, the Ann Arbor City Council passed a smoking ban that not only banned smoking within 10 feet of a bus stop and 20 feet...
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Daniel Marshal Ambiente 125

So you want a good humidor. As has been mentioned a few times before on this site, most humidors sold today are not very good....
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Arango Cigar Co. Adds CAO Gold to Clasico Series, New Chi-Town Sizes to Punch and Macanudo Lines

Arango Cigar Co., the Illinois-based wholesale distributor and importer of hand made cigars, fine tobaccos and smokers’ accessories, has announced that it has added the...
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