September 14, 2014

Understanding General, Toraño & The Future

A lot has been written about General Cigar Co.’s acquisition of the Toraño brands last week. While few could have seen it coming, it was...
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Crémo Grandeur (Prerelease)

Crémo Cigars is pivoting. After a few years on the market with a revitalized name and production out of Miami’s El Titan de Bronze, Crémo...
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Livermore, Calif. Eyes Smoke-Free Downtown

As part of a push to add e-cigarettes to the city’s current smoking ordinances, Livermore, Calif. will look at creating a smoke-free downtown, parks and...
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Arcata, Calif. Considers Modifying Expanded No Smoking Zone

When Arcata, Calif. expanded its smoke-free zone in May it hoped to address the issue of residents congregating at the edge of the smoke-free zone...
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Salem, Ore. Proposes Smoke-Free Sidewalks Next to Some Businesses

Mayor Anna Peterson of Salem, Ore. is pushing for a new law that would allow businesses to designate the sidewalks surrounding their property to be...
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