August 16, 2014

MBombay Mōra Toro (Prerelease)

For at least its first few months, MBombay is likely to be known as “that company with that band.” It’s a reference to the company’s...
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Triple Angled Inline Flame Shootout: Colbiri Stealth 3 vs. XIKAR Trezo

In recent months, I have reviewed two triple-flame lighters that are among the most common you will see when walking into your local brick-and-mortar retailer...
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Surrogates Satin Glove Arrives in Stores

The latest in the Surrogates line from L’Atelier Imports is headed to stores. Surrogates Satin Glove, a 7 x 47 box-pressed churchill the company showed...
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Arlington, Wash. Heading Towards Park Smoking Ban

The city of Arlington, Wash. is looking at a smoking ban in city parks, but while most proposals such as these are said to be...
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Cigar Oasis Ships Wi-Fi Units

The long-awaited Cigar Oasis Wi-Fi Attachment is now shipping. With the addition of the Wi-Fi Attachment, the Cigar Oasis next generation models, which began shipping...
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Perdomo Double Aged 12 Year Vintage Arriving at Retail

The highlighted release from Perdomo this year has begun arriving at retail, as several stores have reported receiving the Double Aged 12 Year Vintage in recent...
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Nevada City, Calif. Weighs Criminalizing Smoking Ban

For some in Nevada City, Calif. a $175 fine for smoking in the city’s historic district is not enough. According to a report, city leaders...
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La Sirena Oceano Arriving in Stores

The newest creation from La Sirena started shipping to retailers earlier this week and has already begun showing up on store shelves. Oceano by La...
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