July 27, 2014

Foster City, Calif. Progressing with Smoking Ban

The city of Foster City, Calif. continues to work on a reform of its existing smoking ban, and while some parts of the proposal are...
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JOYA RED Robusto (Prerelease)

Joya de Nicaragua, largely known in the U.S. for producing stronger cigars, introduced a medium-bodied cigar into its portfolio this past week at the 2014...
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IPCPR 2014: Colibri

The accessory maker had cigar smokers’ mouths watering with the pre-show announcement of a humidor that it had worked with Daniel Marshall to create, and...
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IPCPR 2014: Prometheus

The Prometheus booth is one of those booths that retailers flock to on day one of the show so they can snap up the limited...
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Garden City, Idaho Will Not Vote on Smoking Ban Tomorrow as Mayor Pulls it From Council Agenda

The vote on a smoking ban in Garden City, Idaho will wait for at least two more weeks, as Mayor John Evans has pulled the...
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IPCPR 2014: General Cigar Co.

For a company with a portfolio as sizable as the one that General Cigar Co. has, it did a remarkable job at keeping its new...
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