July 11, 2014

Propaganda (Cigar) Coming from Viva Republica

At this year’s IPCPR convention and trade show, Viva Republica will become the latest cigar brand to try to challenge some of the mistruths and...
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Lubbock, Texas Petitioned to Create Smoking Ban

An anti-smoking group is seeking an overhaul to the smoking ban in Lubbock, Texas, but they have already been met with vocal opposition from the...
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Casa Fernández Aniversario Returns for 2014

Last year, Casa Fernández celebrated the 35th anniversary of Tabacalera Tropical with a limited edition cigar. Now, it appears a limited edition release will become...
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Pedro Martín Maduro Returns at IPCPR

Gurkha Cigar Group has announced that the Pedro Martín Maduro will be part of the brand’s formal relaunch at this year’s IPCPR Convention and Trade...
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Don Pepin Garcia Original Maduro

Earlier this month, My Father Cigars, Inc. released a maduro version of its Don Pepin Garcia Original blend, more commonly known as the Blue Label...
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Pedro Martín Ruby is Back

Just over a year since the Martín Family of Cigars ceased operations and was acquired by Gurkha Cigar Group, the brand is set to relaunch at...
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JFR Expands With XT

For fans of the popular JFR (Just for Retailers) line from Casa Fernández, there is a stronger version heading to market. The company has been...
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Portraits: K.C. Johnson

L’Atelier Imports is represented by four individuals—Pete Johnson, Dan Welsh, Sean “Casper” Johnson and K.C. Johnson. If you are thinking three brothers and a guy named...
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Hirochi Robaina Coming to U.S. Humidors

For fans of Cuban cigars, there are cigar superstars. Hamlet, La China, Yolanda, Reynaldo, Taboada and Cueto are all elite rollers of custom blends, referred...
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New World on the Horizon from A.J. Fernandez

There are several well-known father and son blending teams in the cigar business, and now there’s a new one—formed by two individuals already well-established in...
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Total Flame Shows Off Andullo with Wild One

Andullo tobacco is a not new thing to the cigar business, however, using it as a marketing technique is not steeped in tradition. The latest...
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