May 29, 2014

House Committee Supports Premium Cigar Exemption in New Agriculture Bill

The House Appropriations Committee passed the fiscal year 2015 Agriculture Apprpriations bill, which included language in support of the premium cigar industry in the bill...
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Viaje Ships Three Skull and Bones, Roman Candle & Zombie Antidote

Earlier today, Viaje began shipping its latest batch of cigars, which includes new vintages of the company’s Skull and Bones FOAB and MOAB releases as...
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Boveda Releases Metal Holder

Humidification company Boveda has informed its retailers that it is now offering a new metal holder for its humidification packs. The new unit holds a...
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EH Cigars OSOK One Shot One Kill Leroy

Collaborative projects are nothing new in the cigar world and take many forms, from two manufacturers coming together for a special release to having two manufacturers produce separate cigars...
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Washington, D.C. City Council Could Drastically Raise Cigar Tax

The Washington, D.C. City Council is currently reviewing a proposed 2015 budget that seeks to apply the current cigarette tax to all tobacco products sold in...
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