April 3, 2014

Blessed Leaf Kairos (Prerelease)

In mid 2013, Kyle Hoover and Chris Kelly of Ezra Zion fame announced Blessed Leaf, described as “non-denominational Christian ministry utilizing technology to evangelize, encourage, and...
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Miami Cigar & Co. Releases More Info on 25th Anniversary Project (Update)

Continuing a steady trickle of information about their upcoming 25th anniversary cigar project, Miami Cigar & Co. took to the forums on Tuesday to...
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New Jersey Could Tax Tobacco Ads

Four New Jersey state legislators have introduced a bill that would create a 25% tax on all tobacco advertising and marketing, including premium cigars, electronic...
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Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Slated for June

This June, Tatuaje will ship the latest version of its popular Monster Series—Pudgy Monsters. Originally nicknamed “fat little monsters”—a play on the 2012 release of...
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Press Release: Davidoff Timeless Classics

April 3, 2014 (Basel, Switzerland)–Davidoff Cigars has made it a mission to delight the cigar aficionado by bringing him a variety of taste experiences and cigar...
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Guayacan Plans Sabor de Esteli

Guayacan’s portfolio will expand this summer. The Nicaraguan-based company will release Sabor de Esteli in two wrappers and four sizes later this year. The new...
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Newburyport, Mass. Raises Age to Purchase Tobacco

The town of Newburyport, Mass. is the latest to join the movement of municipalities raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products. On Tuesday, the...
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Gautier, Miss. Looks at Smoking Ban

The city of Gautier, Miss. will soon consider the merits of a public smoking ban, with a pubic meeting seeking comment on the matter scheduled...
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