March 25, 2014

E.P. Carrillo To Add La Historia This Summer

E.P. Carrillo has begun putting out teasers for its new project, La Historia, which is scheduled to debut sometime this summer. A picture of the...
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Regius Creates Pair of Exclusives for Hawaii’s Havana Club

The latest store exclusive from Regius of London is heading to Hawaii. Havana Club, a Honolulu-based retailer, will be receiving the Regius Havana Club Hawaii...
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Press Release: Swinger Cigar National Launch, Set For May 31

March 25, 2014 — Swinger Cigars are made from hand selected tobaccos, carefully blended to make the most enjoyable smoking experience. We pride ourselves on...
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7-20-4 Discontinues Spider, Blames Lawsuit

Kurt A. Kendall has decided to discontinue the 7-20-4 Spider, rather than fighting Iconic Leaf Cigars, LLC over the use of the spider branding. The...
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Medford, Ore. Bans Smoking in Parks and City Facilities

The Medford, Ore. City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that bans smoking at city-owned properties, including parks and all facilities such as City Hall and...
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Press Release: Charlie Moore And Quesada Create Limited Edition Cigar

March 25, 2014 — Charlie Moore, aka The Mad Fisherman, has partnered with Quesada to create two limited edition cigars under the name Trelos Psaria—Greek...
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Paris, Texas Passes Smoking Ban

The city council of Paris, Texas unanimously passed a sweeping smoking ban on Monday night that will put an end to smoking in the majority...
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