February 2, 2014

Paris, Texas Weighs Smoking Ban

As early as this month, the Paris City Council will decide on the future of smoking in bars and restaurants in the small Texas town,...
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Ann Arbor, Mich. Smoking Ban Proposed

Monday night, the Ann Arbor City Council will have a first reading of a proposed smoking ban. It is expected that the proposed law will...
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The Newsletter (January 2014)

Here is the Newsletter for January 2014. It includes an interesting note about our proposed posting schedule, the first look at Brooks Whittington’s portrait of...
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Leccia Sampler Taking Shape

The long-awaited Leccia Tobacco sampler is starting to take shape. During last month’s Toraño sales meeting, Leccia tweeted pictures of various parts of the sampler,...
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Paul Stulac Expects Price Decrease in 2014

While most of the cigar industry has been holding firm or slightly raising prices on their products going into 2014, Paul Stulac Cigars is bucking...
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