December 30, 2013

Weekly News (December 30, 2013)

Editor’s Note: Today was the last day we used Feedburner for our daily email subscriptions. Tomorrow, anyone currently signed up to Feedburner will receive an...
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Coronado, Calif. Enacts Strict Outdoor Smoking Ban

Come the new year, the resort town of Coronado, Calif. will prohibit smoking at parks, parking lots and even city streets and sidewalks. As of...
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San Marcos, Texas Set for Smoke-Free Parks, Businesses Next

As of Jan. 1, smoking at parks, athletic facilities, grounds and inside city-owned facilities in San Marcos, Texas will be prohibited. Come June 1, smoking...
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Boston Bans Park Smoking

In late November, the Boston City Council voted unanimously in favor of banning smoking in parks, golf courses and other areas owned by the city,...
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Gordo Coming to 90 Miles 1980 & Reserva Selecta Lines

Last week, Yadi Gonzales of Flor de Gonzales showed off a new 6 x 60 size for the company’s 90 Miles 1980, just one of...
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Ezra Zion Honor Series FHK Truth (Prerelease)

At 12:00 a.m. on Jan.1, 2014, Ezra Zion will release what is likely to be the first cigar of year. The word release is somewhat...
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Alec Bradley Mundial Punta Lanza No. 4

At the 2013 IPCPR trade show, no one action was talked about more than Alec Bradley sending Mundial, its newest creation, into space. No, there...
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