August 4, 2012

IPCPR 2012: EloGio

Easily one of the smallest brands, particularly amongst those that claim both factories and tobacco production—EloGio was back at IPCPR with one new size. Production...
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IPCPR 2012: Ashton

The Ashton booth was at its normal pace—which is saying something given the overall traffic at the show. On display was a new La Aroma...
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IPCPR 2012: E.P. Carrillo

At one point E.P. Carrillo was expected to not formally debut anything at IPCPR—that changed with the release of the INCH. As always, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo...
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IPCPR 2012: Arturo Fuente & J.C. Newman

It’s Fuente’s 100 year anniversary, and it was widely expected to be a year where the company brought nothing new to the IPCPR — something we...
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Press Release: Zino Platinum Releases Zino Platinum Ten Collector’s Edition Toro and Salomones in Celebration of Tenth Anniversary

In commemoration of the tenth anniversary, Zino Platinum has unveiled two limited editions, both accented by a brand new blue and black band and unique packaging....
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Press Release: Zino Platinum Collaborates with Urban Artists UR New York for Collector’s Edition Commemorating 10 Year Anniversary

In celebration of the ten-year anniversary of Zino Platinum, the brand has produced a premium collector’s edition set of four custom boxes in collaboration with urban...
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