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May 26, 2011

Viaje WLP Fifty Fifty Red Announced

Because of the delays with the Viaje V.O.R. DT and V.P.R. DT, which are currently scheduled for a mid-June release, Andre Farkas decided that he would move up the scheduled release of his final planned WLP (White Label Project), which was originally scheduled for later this year. For those wondering, the Exclusivo Chiquito, a release that is given to two retailers every two years, has shipped.

La Aurora Purchased by Guillermo León

Dominican publication El Nuevo Diario put this up yesterday, but this has been knowledge in some circles for a good six months. Guillermo León has…

Review: Tatuaje Tattoo

Oh the Tatuaje Tattoo. Not exactly a shining moment in journalistic accuracy for el niño diablo, albeit, eventually Pete Johnson cleared everything up.