The Consensus 2012 Lists



  2. Birmingham Cigars
  3. Blowin’ Smoke
  4. Blue Lizard Cigar Lounge
  5. Casas Fumando
  6. Casas Fumando (Average Joe)
  7. Casual Cigar
  8. Chief Hava
  9. Cigar Aficionado
  10. Cigar Brief (Anthony C.)
  11. Cigar Brief (Jason)
  12. Cigar Brief (Paul)
  13. Cigar Dojo
  14. Cigar Inspector
  15. Cigar Journal
  16. Cigar King
  17. Cigar Psychology
  18. Cigar Snob
  19. Cigar-Coop
  20. Covering Your Ash (Brian Coyne)
  21. Covering Your Ash (Jason Zahner)
  22. halfwheel
  23. Highlight Cigars
  24. James Suckling
  25. Keeping Your Man Card (Frank)
  26. Keeping Your Man Card (Pat)
  27. Keeping Your Man Card (Poppa P)
  28. kuziscigarcatalog
  29. Leaf and Grape
  30. longfillerlounge (fusco)
  31. longfillerlounge (TC)
  32. Mike’s Stogies (Mike)
  33. Mike’s Stogies (Young Buck)
  34. MyCigarBlog
  35. NiceTightAsh (Shawn)
  36. Scott Smyth
  37. Seth’s Humidor
  38. StickReview
  39. Stogie Review (Ben)
  40. Stogie Review (Brian)
  41. Stogie Review (Charlie)
  42. Stogie Review (Jerry Cruz)
  43. Stogie Review (Mike)
  44. Stogie Review (Walt)
  45. StogieFresh
  46. StogieNet
  47. Talking Tobacco
  48. The Perfect Draw
  49. The Smoking Greek
  50. TheGarShop (Mayor)
  51. TikiBar (David Jones)
  52. Toasted Foot
  53. Tom’s Cigars


  1. Blue Lizard Lounge:
    1. Four Kicks & Headley Grange were both listed as a tie for first. 34.5 points, the average between first and second were awarded to both.
    2. Cigars listed 2-6 were relisted as 3-7.
    3. There were two cigars listed for seventh place. Both were awarded 27.5 points, the average between 8th and 9th.
    4. Cigars listed 8-10 were relisted as 10-12.
  2. Casa Fumando (Average Joe) — Two cigars were listed in fourth place. As such 31.5 points was awarded to each and the following cigars on the list ranked from 6th-11th.
  3. Chief Hava — All of his RoMa Craft Tobac products, which were unordered and in a separate “Honorable Mentions” post were excluded.
  4. Leaf And Grape — The “Best of the Best” list was used in place of a confusing averaging system of the three lists.
  5. Nice Tight Ash (Shawn) — 35 points was awarded to “Cigar of the Year.” The other 10 cigars listed were awarded 29.5 points, the average of 2-11 places.
  6. Stogie Review (Ben):
    1. Aquitaine, CroMagnon and Intemperance were listed as third place. 32 points (the average of 3-5 places were given to each.)
    2. Cigars listed fourth and five were listed as six and seven.
    3. The Tatuaje Little Monsters were listed in sixth place. 27 points were awarded to each of the five cigars (the average of 8-12 places.)
    4. Cigars listed 7-10 were ranked 13-16.
  7. Stogie Review (Mike) — 35 Points were awarded to the Emilio AF Suave for #1. The remaining nine cigars were awarded 30 points, a nine-way tie for second place.
  8. The Perfect Draw — Two cigars were listed as tied for number one. As such the Tatuaje Avion ’11 & Litto Gomez Diez 2012 Chisel were awarded 34.5 points.