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Since 2013, the tagline associated with Davidoff has been “time beautifully filled.” And since then, they’ve indicated you should fill your time beautifully with a Davidoff, of course. Now, the Swiss-based company is taking on the other side of the equation: what happens when you need more time.

There is neither a magic time machine nor any other scientific discovery that will create more time, but tomorrow the company will formally announce Hourglass Lounge, a global concierge service with a cigar theme.


It’s not an actual lounge, rather a partnership with Quintessentially Lifestyle, a London-based global concierge service. Oettinger Davidoff Ltd, a subsidiary of the parent Oettinger Davidoff AG, has spent the last 18 months working with Quintessentially to establish a concierge program that fits both Davidoff’s goals and what it believes are some of the needs of its customers, both present and future.

Memberships will cost 3,000 CHF (a little over $3,250) annually according to Charles Awad, Oettinger Davidoff’s senior vp of global marketing and innovation. For that, you get access to a three-tiered program that at its core, begins with a concierge.

Davidoff Hourglass Lounge

Davidoff describes this as Pillar One. Need tickets to tonight’s game? Call the number provided to you anytime, 24-hour per day, and someone will pick up and begin the process of arranging your tickets. Need a cigar delivered to your hotel? Your Hourglass Lounge membership should be able to help. These services are included in your membership according to Awad, you will simply be charged the cost of whatever you need done, i.e. the cost of the tickets, the price of the cigar and the delivery drive, etc. There is no additional “finder’s fee” per se other than your membership fee.

While Pillar One services are likely to be handled by employees of Quintessentially in New York, Munich, Geneva, Dubai or Hong Kong; Pillars Two and Three is where Davidoff’s expertise comes into the equation, it’s also part of the inspiration for the entire concept.

“It’s more than just day-to-day concierge services, because you can get that anywhere,” said Awad. But over the years Davidoff has received requests from customers around the world to help make their cigar experiences more memorable, “lots of requests” according to Awad. He rattled off a list that included: adding gold features to the company’s humidors, customizing lighters and cutters and even designing a Davidoff-style humidor in a private residence.

For Pillar Two, there are included perks: access to Davidoff events such as launch parties, the company’s large presence at Art Basel and other gatherings; access to private Davidoff lounges globally, exclusive preview of upcoming products and priority access to more limited products like Oro Blanco.

And then there are things that will cost member additional money. Hourglass Lounge members could also request a private tour of the Davidoff farms and factory in the Dominican Republic. Perhaps you would like a tasting with a sommelier pairing Davidoff cigars and wine or spirits, Hourglass Lounge can arrange it. And if you would like custom accessories, or even a bespoke lounge and humidor, which is referred to as a “cigar cellar,” Hourglass Lounge has partnered with the Swiss design firm atelier oï to help create it. All of these options will be quoted to Hourglass Lounge members for an additional fee.

“Pillar Three is all about dreams and experiences,” says Awad. And then he starts listing off once-in-a-lifetime activities.

Want to play golf and smoke cigars with PGA golfer Miguel Ángel Jiménez? Davidoff has already gotten word they can make it happen. Or would you rather have a Michelin star chef cook you a private meal? They can make that happen.

Or how about playing at Rolland Garros, the tennis facility that hosts the French Open, and then smoking a cigar at Claude Monet’s former residence at Giverny the following day. Better yet: play tennis at Rolland Garros, take a short ride to Giverny that evening, have the Michelin star chef cook you a private dinner and then smoke your own private label Davidoff in the garden, with just you and your friends.

Private label cigars, private tours with Henke Kelner, a custom cigar experience at the Great Wall of China—Davidoff says all that’s possible and potentially whatever else Hourglass Lounge members dream up. Everything under Pillar Three will likely come with a hefty fee attached, but Davidoff is hoping to find a group of people willing to pay top dollar to make dreams come true.

The program itself is designed to be fluid, accommodating to member requests, but it’s also in its infancy. For example, at this time, access to every single Davidoff lounge globally is not guaranteed, yet. Awad admitted that because many lounges were owned by independent retailers, Davidoff has to negotiate with each store individually, although many and other lounges are already included.

In a way, Hourglass Lounge is a, perhaps odd, culmination of many luxury programs Davidoff has launched over the past few years: sponsorship at events like Art Basel, its Tour Gastronomique that pair fine cuisine with cigars, its desire to separate some of its portfolio in the luxury cigar market and of course, it’s slogan to fill time beautifully.

“Our responsibility is to push the boundaries,” said Awad. “Anything we do from now on, we’ll have Hourglass Lounge members in mind.”

Davidoff launched the Hourglass Lounge website a few weeks ago, as of this time, memberships are now available.

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