Romeo y Julieta Romeos (1970s)

Measuring 6 3/8 x 52, the Romeo y Julieta Romeos is one of a multitude of cigars that the Romeo y Julieta marca introduced sometime prior to...
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Harvester (1950s)

Originally named The Harvester after a race horse that set the half mile record in 1925 and jockeyed by legendary rider Edward “Pop” Geers, The...
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Bolívar Petit Coronas (1970s)

Founded very early in the 1900’s by José F. Rocha, Bolívar has been a popular Cuban brand for the better part of a century. Named...
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Dunhill Selección No.69 Ramón Allones (1950s)

Alfred Dunhill was truly a giant in the cigar industry in his day: prominent London tobacco retailer, pipe maker, entrepreneur and the founder of the...
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Davidoff 3000 (1991)

The history of the Davidoff brand is one of the most interesting in the cigar industry, dating back to 1912 when Zino Davidoff’s parents opened...
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Troya Universales (Pre-Embargo)

When you think Cuban cigars, you do not think Troya. For many that regularly enjoy cigars from Habanos S.A., Troya might be a brand they...
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Partagás Dunhill Selección Suprema No. 281 (1950s)

About two years ago, a good friend of mine called me up and told me he had purchased a sealed box of Dunhill Selección Supremas...
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Por Larrañaga Dunhill Selection Suprema No. 31 (1960s)

It has been said that Dunhill produced some of the best cigars in the world, and it has been theorized that the reason the cigars...
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Davidoff No.1

In August of 1989, one of the most expensive, yet least destructive fires in history took place. Zino Davidoff, founder of Davidoff, allegedly burned upwards of...
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Review: Paul Garmirian PG Corona Grande (1995)

For those of you that don’t know… Today is the first non-Cuban cigar that will qualify as “vintage” as per our standards and it comes...
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H. Upmann Crystales (1940s)

H. Upmann is a Cuban brand that has a long and interesting history, and the Crystales was a major part of that history until relatively...
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