Custom Rolled

Review: Puro Express Bespoke Laguito No.5

Today we will be taking look at another cigar in our Custom Rolled Cubans series, the Puro Express Bespoke. It comes as no surprise that...
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La China Pigtail Robusto

When you talk about custom Cuban cigars and the many different rollers that craft them, one of the names you will hear with much prestige...
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Yolanda Cañonazo

Yolanda Gonzalez is one of Havana’s top torcedoras and she has over 40 years experience in the art of rolling Cuban cigars. She got her start...
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Reynaldo Lancero

Reynaldo Jimenez is one of the major custom rollers who plies his craft in Cuba. The main location he works out of is the Hotel...
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Robaina Family “El Padrino”

During one of my trades recently, I was offered up a cigar that I had only heard about, and had never actually seen and was...
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