Crémo Grandeur (Prerelease)

Crémo Cigars is pivoting. After a few years on the market with a revitalized name and production out of Miami’s El Titan de Bronze, Crémo...
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Casa Fernández Aniversario Serie 2014 Ares

In 2013, Casa Fernández released a cigar to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the company called the Aniversario Bohème No. 35. This year, the company...
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La Palina Goldie Laguito Especial

It was never a question of if, but rather when La Palina would finally answer the calls to create a lancero version of its extremely popular...
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Tatuaje SW Reserva Maduro

In March 2009, Tatuaje released a limited version of of its SW Reserva blend to honor Paul Hernandez, who served as an independent sales representative...
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Viaje Plata Lancero

A year ago, if you had told me that we would see the release of the Viaje Trifecta, I would have been a bit surprised....
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Warped Cigars EL OSO PaPa (Prerelease)

Founded in 2008, Warped Cigars’ first release was the Anubis, a blend that was made in a family-owned factory in Little Havana, Florida. Two other lines,...
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Dante Vita Nova D.C. Tweet-Up

Regular readers of this site should be familiar with seeing the name Dante pop up from time to time. The Washington, D.C. area cigar company has...
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Blessed Leaf Kairos (Prerelease)

In mid 2013, Kyle Hoover and Chris Kelly of Ezra Zion fame announced Blessed Leaf, described as “non-denominational Christian ministry utilizing technology to evangelize, encourage, and...
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Dante Vita Nova Canto III (Prerelease)

Earlier this month, at the 2014 D.C. Cigar Tweetup, Virginia-based Dante Cigars previewed its newest release, the Dante Vita Nova. It’s the sophomore release from...
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Cigar Federation The Collective

In February 2014, the website announced the launch of its first cigar, The Collective. If you’re not familiar with the site, it was launched in October 2011...
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Harvester (1950s)

Originally named The Harvester after a race horse that set the half mile record in 1925 and jockeyed by legendary rider Edward “Pop” Geers, The...
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