Viaje Zombie Green (2018)

While I don’t know if actual zombies sneak up on their prey, the cigar that bears the zombie name seemed to do that this summer,...
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Viaje Exclusivo Leaded Petite Lancero

Last month, Viaje began shipping a new box of cigars that is notable for a couple of different reasons. First, the Exclusivo Petite Lancero Collection is...
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Viaje Bales On Bales

The most controversial cigar of 2018: Viaje Bales on Bales. It’s the leading candidate to-date, albeit, you’ll need to be following a RoMa Craft Tabac-related...
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Viaje Juntos 2018 Torpedo

In February, Viaje Cigars shipped the latest version of Juntos, a series of cigars produced in collaboration with other prominent cigar makers that is named...
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Viaje Cache Six Fifty Toro (2018)

As part of its spring 2018 releases, Viaje introduced a new extension to its series of pepper-themed cigars, while bringing back a line it originally...
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Viaje Super Shot 12 Gauge (2018)

While Viaje is a company that has somewhat eschewed the idea of “regular production” cigars, it certainly has embraced the idea of “regular appearances.” The...
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Viaje 5th Anniversary (2017)

It’s rare that I wait just over five years to revisit a cigar, yet that’s exactly the case with a redux of the Viaje 5th...
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Viaje Circa ’45 Maduro No. 2

In 2016, Viaje introduced a new cigar line just for Europe—or so that was the plan. Circa ’45 was shown off at the 2016 Inter-tabac...
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Viaje Cache

In the encyclopedia of Viaje releases, there should be a special section devoted to the company’s unique packaging styles from the decade of Andre Farkas’...
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Viaje Exclusivo Robusto (2010)

It wasn’t Viaje’s first cigar line, it wasn’t the line that got the company end-of-year praise from Cigar Aficionado in 2010, but I’d be willing to argue...
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Viaje GP 10.31

While Tatuaje’s Monster Series has become arguably the best known Halloween cigar release in recent years, there have been other cigars released around the holiday...
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