Tatuaje Musubi (2013)

In 2013, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje posted a picture of an unusual gold and white band on Instagram with the comment “Musubi!” By now, Tatuaje fans already...
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Tatuaje W Nice Ash 2015

A few short months after the Tatuaje W Nice Ash store exclusive for Nice Ash Cigars came out in 2015, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje announced...
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Tatuaje The Krueger

The Tatuaje Monster Series needs no introduction, but an explanation wouldn’t be a bad idea. In 2008, Tatuaje released The Frank, the first of what is...
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Tatuaje Drac

It’s a bit challenging to remember now, but the Tatuaje The Drac was a big deal. It’s the most infamous release in the history of...
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Tatuaje TAA 2016

For the sixth year in a row, Tatuaje has released a TAA exclusive cigar, and this year it’s a return of the 2012 version. For those...
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Tatuaje Skinny Mummy

While Tatuaje’s Monster Series was launched in 2009, it began to evolve in 2012, the year that the company released The Mummy, the fifth installment...
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Tatuaje Skinny Drac

The second release in Tatuaje Cigars’ now iconic Monster Series is also the release with the most controversy, at least for those who ordered a...
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Tatuaje Skinny Chuck

In 2014, when Tatuaje shipped the Pudgy Monsters, there were six cigars based off of previously released cigars from the company’s Monster Series and two cigars...
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Tatuaje Skinny Wolf

The Tatuaje Skinny Wolf is the fourth iteration of The Wolfman blend, and with the other three members of the halfwheel staff having done reviews...
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Tatuaje Skinny Jekyll

As one of the more recently added cigars in Tatuaje Monster Series, The Jekyll doesn’t have quite as much history as some of the other...
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Tatuaje Skinny Tiff

One of the mainstays of Tatuaje special releases is the Monster Series, which started in 2008 with The Frank, a cigar modeled after and paying...
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