La Flor Dominicana

La Flor Dominicana Special Football Edition 2018

Fly Eagles Fly. As I noted two years ago, I am an Eagles fan and as such, the above is rather relevant. Since 2015, La Flor...
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La Flor Dominicana Elite Torpedo

The era of single store and small batch release cigars isn’t quite dead as new projects continue to arrive on shelves, including a new cigar...
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La Flor Dominicana La Volcada

The overturned. That is what La Volcada, the feature release from La Flor Dominicana, directly translates to, though that’s not exactly what the cigar is about....
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La Flor Dominicana TAA Exclusivo 49

Last year, La Flor Dominicana began selling a cigar exclusively at Tobacconists’ Association of America (TAA) events around the county. Named the TAA Celebration, the blend was...
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La Flor Dominicana Petite La Nox

In 2015, La Flor Dominicana released another cigar blended by Tony Gomez, son of owner Litto Gomez. The new 6 1/2 x 50 toro was named...
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La Flor Dominicana Football Special Edition 2017

This weekend marks the end of the college basketball season, the start of baseball season and almost nothing important in regards to football, or at...
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La Flor Dominicana Anthony’s Cigar Emporium 20th

In 2014, Anthony’s Cigar Emporium in Tucson, Ariz. celebrated its 20th anniversary by commissioning two limited edition cigars. One was the My Father Le Bijou 1922...
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La Flor Dominicana TCFKA “M” Collector’s Edition 2016

The winter holidays are full of traditions, blending familial, religious, secular and community rituals and events together to create a period of weeks more steeped...
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La Flor Dominicana Factory Press Limitado (2013)

In 2013, La Flor Dominicana released the newest iteration in its Factory Press line, the Factory Press Limitado. Having debuted at the RTDA show in...
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La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull

For one of his new lines released at the IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Litto Gomez turned to a trip to southern Spain that that...
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La Flor Dominicana Coronado Toro (2015)

Just over a decade ago, Litto Gomez introduced a new cigar to the world, but it didn’t come bearing the name La Flor Dominicana, at...
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