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JRE Tobacco Co.

Aladino Sumatra Toro

This release is only the second blend to utilize a Sumatra-seed wrapper grown on the Eiroa family’s farm located outside Danlí, Honduras.

Aladino Classic Elegante

This summer, JRE Tobacco Co. added the 7 x 38 Elegante to its Classic line, which isn’t as corojo-forward as others in the company’s portfolio.

Aladino Limited Edition

The new release is made up of a Cameroon-seed wrapper grown on the Eiroa farms in Honduras, along with binder and filler tobaccos that the company describes as “other Honduran tobacco of undisclosed origins.”

Aladino Candela Robusto

This review contains references to green tea, Cherry Coke and Mary Poppins.

Aladino Corojo Reserva Corona No.4 Limitado

Originally released in 2019, the Aladino Corojo Reserva Corona No.4 Limitado has become an annual release. Three years after its debut, it’s time to revisit a cigar from the original production run.

Aladino Cameroon Gordo

One of two new vitolas added to JRE Tobacco Co.’s Aladino Cameroon brand this year, the 6 1/2 x 60 Gordo is the largest ring gauge in the line so far.

Aladino Classic Robusto

The Aladino Classic is the seventh line under JRE Tobacco Co.’s Aladino brand and was created with a profile that was not as corojo-forward as most of JRE’s blends.

Aladino Vintage Selection Elegante

One of the words that does not get used nearly enough in the premium cigar world—at least in my opinion—is vintage. The vast majority of…

Aladino Corojo Reserva Box-Pressed Figurado

In 2018, JRE Tobacco Co. introduced a new brand composed of 100 percent corojo tobacco grown on the Eiroa family farms outside of Danlí, Honduras. Named Aladino…

Aladino Cameroon Elegante

In 2006, Camacho released a new line with a new wrapper that was described as a hybrid between Cameroon-seed and the Honduran tobaccos the brand…

Aladino Habano Vintage Selection Rothschild

Earlier this year, JRE Tobacco Co. announced the new Aladino Habano Vintage Selection, a new release that is currently available in only one vitola, a 4 1/2…