General Cigar Co.

CAO Gold Nasty Nutcracker

Last year, General Cigar Co. commemorated the Christmas season by releasing two limited edition extensions to its La Traviata line with “holiday” themes: Angry Santa...
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Foundry H20 – H

While Michael Giannini of Foundry Tobacco Co. launched the plural Elements, Compounds and Musings line at the 2013 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, there was only...
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Macanudo Estate Reserve 2014 Robusto

For this year’s installment in the Macanudo Estate Reserve series, General Cigar Co. went back to the brand’s roots and the country that produced the...
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CAO Amazon Basin (Prerelease)

One of the most discussed cigars at the IPCPR show last month in Las Vegas was the CAO Amazon Basin, which incorporates some fairly unique tobacco...
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CAO Colombia Vallenato (Prerelease)

In 2008, as part of CAO’s Escaparte series, the then Nashville, Tenn.-based company released a specific line of cigars to Serious Cigars of Houston, Texas....
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Cohiba Nicaragua N54 (Prerelease)

Earlier this year, General Cigar Co. announced it would be releasing a new blend called Cohiba Nicaragua, which would use Nicaraguan tobacco for the binder...
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CAO America Sinister Sam

General Cigar Co. had a very successful launch this past winter. Rick Rodriguez, who is more or less the face of CAO, modified the CAO...
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CAO Cyclone

For what many consumers might think of as a big, mainstream brand like CAO, it has been on a tear of releasing small batch, limited...
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CAO Earthquake

The roots for the Natural Disasters line started a couple of years back in 2012 when CAO released three cigar packs for their Last Stick...
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La Gloria Cubana Rival Twin Chapter 1

In October of 2013, General Cigar’s La Gloria Cubana brand released the first cigar in a series called Rival Twin. Each box of the release...
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Few releases will take people by surprise as the Re+United did. Anytime two cigar manufacturers team-up, it’s a rarity. This becomes particularly unique when it...
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