E.P. Carrillo

E.P. Carrillo Elencos Oscuro Elites

In late 2011, it became known that E.P. Carrillo was planning an extensions to its limited Elenecos line, Elencos Oscuro. That December, the company shipped...
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E.P. Carrillo Ernesto’s Humidor Colorado

Since most releases that are shown off at the IPCPR Convention & Trade Show are known weeks or months in advance, there are very few...
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Perez-Carrillo La Historia Regalias d’Celia

At the 2015 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, E.P. Carrillo showed off a variety of new cigars: a new Edición Limitada, a trio of limited...
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E.P. Carrillo Selección Oscuro Especial No. 6 (Prerelease)

It seems not that long ago that Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, Jr. returned to the cigar business with his eponymously named company, debuting with a limited edition...
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E.P. Carrillo Short Run 2015 Napoleon

E.P. Carrillo has once again released its annual Short Run series, a collection of three sizes with limited production that begin appearing at retailers in...
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E.P. Carrillo Medalla d’Platino

Longtime readers of this site will recognize Federal Cigar as the New Hampshire-based chain of stores has been home to a plethora of limited releases...
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E.P. Carrillo Medalla d’Noche

Federal Cigar in New Hampshire has been on quite the tear in recent years when it comes to high profile store exclusives made by prominent...
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E.P. Carrillo 5 Year Anniversary

The name E.P. Carrillo should be a familiar one for most cigar smokers and for good reason; Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, Jr. has been in the cigar...
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E.P. Carrillo Federal 92nd Anniversary Medalla D’ Oro

Last year saw another slew of releases in the Federal Cigar Anniversary line, one of which was created by E.P. Carrillo. The cigar’s blend was...
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E.P. Carrillo Smokin’ Joe’s Limitada (Prerelease)

Every once in a while stores become closely associated with certain brands, usually because the cigars sell well in a particular shop and the heads...
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Few releases will take people by surprise as the Re+United did. Anytime two cigar manufacturers team-up, it’s a rarity. This becomes particularly unique when it...
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