Festival del Habano XXI: Day 0

For the past four years, the month of February has meant not only Valentine’s Day, but also a return to the island of Cuba to...
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TPE 2019: Day 3 + Conclusion

While the second day of Tobacco Plus Expo 2019 might have been the second busiest day of the trade show, there is no question which...
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TPE 2019: Day 2

I suspect that day two of the Tobacco Plus Expo will in fact be the best attended day of the trio. Historically, the show would...
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TPE 2019: Day 1

For a few years,InterTabac, the European trade show, was my favorite trade show to attend because there simply wasn’t much to do. I could show...
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TPE 2019: Day 0

It’s quite cold here in Dallas as I write this. Today is Friday, well, the day I am writing this is Friday. But if you...
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2018 Awards: The Consensus Top 25 Cigars

As many of you noted in the comments section of our own Top 25 list, there are—potentially—too many best cigars of the year list. What’s...
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The 2018 Consensus: Live Now

It’s time to reveal the 2018 Consensus, a compilation of Best Cigars of 2018 lists from numerous cigar media outlets, YouTubers and other people who...
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2018 Awards: Top 25 Cigars

Nearly every day of the year, we review a cigar. The group of cigars we review over the course of any given year is diverse...
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Reminder: Top 25 2018 Live (2 P.M. CT)

Later today, it’s halfwheel’s Top 25 cigars for 2018 and like last year, we are announcing them live on Facebook and YouTube. Watch below as Patrick...
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2018 Awards: Packaging Top 10

A new date, but same concept. This is halfwheel’s 2018 Packaging Top 10. While we spend most of our time focusing on the blends of cigars, we...
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Announcement: Top 10 Packaging Awards Live

The day is here for the pretty things. Tune in at 2 p.m. central time as Patrick Lagreid, Brooks Whittington and myself announce halfwheel’s annual Top...
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