2013 Awards: Company of the Year

This seems familiar. As we mentioned earlier today, we changed how we determined the factory and brand/company of the year. This year, we voted amongst...
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2013 Awards: Factory of the Year

This year, we made a decision to vote on company and factory of the year, as opposed to simply relying on scores. The decision was...
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2013 Awards: Packaging Top 10

While you can definitely make the case that this was not the strongest crop of candidates for new brand of the year, the packaging in...
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2013 Awards: New Brand of the Year

This past year very easily could have been the weakest field of new companies in recent memory. Looking over the 20-plus eligible entires the halfwheel...
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Our New Look

Design changes never seem to go over well. As we’ve mentioned on a few different occasions, the site—which publicly turns two today—needed an overhaul. There...
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HALFWHEEL X Sean “Casper” Johnson (L’Atelier Imports)

For more information about this new feature, click here. Up first for our newest feature, Sean “Casper” Johnson of L’Atelier Imports. Casper talks: a bit...
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Announcing HALFWHEEL X

It’s not an experimental product, it’s a video series. We have largely avoided video reviews, something that won’t be changing anytime soon, but we thought...
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Announcement: The Forum is Back

Over this past weekend, shortly before my computer’s logic board gave out, we managed to get the forum back up. There still seems to be...
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Winner: The Newsletter (September 2013)

If you are subscribed to The Newsletter, you’ll notice the October edition finally made it out. That means there’s a winner for the box of...
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Announcement: New Contest Rules

Just a brief announcement about a few changes to our contest rules. You now have seven days from the time the winner(s) of the contest...
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A Visit to the Nat Sherman Townhouse

Opened in 2007, the latest location for Nat Sherman’s retail tobacco shop is located on 42nd Street off of Fifth Avenue in New York City...
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