About Our New Look, 2019 Edition

This post should look a bit different. As you probably can tell, we’ve completely redesigned the look of halfwheel. As I mentioned the last time...
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What is IPCPR 2019?

IPCPR 2019 will begin one month from today, exactly 31 days. Regular readers of this site will know that the next month will see hundreds of news articles about new products debuting at the show, but for those who aren’t as familiar with the acronym or its importance for the cigar industry, here’s a primer. […]
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Listen: Charlie Minato on Cigar Jukebox

Last month I had the pleasure of being on the Cigar Jukebox podcast. I had the pleasure of talking with Dave Burck about halfwheel, cigar ratings, Australian...
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Six Parting Thoughts on Scott Gottlieb’s Resignation

I wasn’t planning on doing this explainer type post, but given that I keep receiving text messages and emails about the subject, here we are....
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InterTabac 2018: Concluding Thoughts

First off, my apologies on the delay of this post. My intention was to produce daily blogs from the event, but as I tried to...
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InterTabac 2018: Day 1

One of the nice parts of InterTabac is that most companies have the same booths—err stands—every year and for the most part, they are in...
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InterTabac 2018: Day 0

Hallo from Dortmund. A very warm Dortmund. The world’s largest tobacco trade show kickoffs today in northwest Germany and for the seventh year in a row,...
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This Is (The) Future: IPCPR 2018 Recap

And then it ends. A week ago we published our 137th and final booth post from the 2018 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show. Today’s post...
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Six Thoughts: Altria’s Premium Cigar Exemption Stance

On Tuesday, Cigar Aficionado published an article that made the final 24 hours of my vacation a lot less enjoyable. It also made the lives of...
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IPCPR 2018: A Word from Our IPCPR Editor

When the 2017 IPCPR editorial assistant reached out to me earlier this year with a text that basically read: “Hey, strange proposal. Do you want...
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IPCPR 2018 Live: Post Show Thoughts (1 P.M. CDT)

It’s the IPCPR 2018 Post Show Show. Live from the halfwheel office it’s Brooks Whittington and me. We’ll talk about some highlights (and a lowlight or...
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