2013 Awards: Packaging Top 10

While you can definitely make the case that this was not the strongest crop of candidates for new brand of the year, the packaging in...
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2013 Awards: New Brand of the Year

This past year very easily could have been the weakest field of new companies in recent memory. Looking over the 20-plus eligible entires the halfwheel...
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2012 Awards: The Consensus

And the top cigar of 2012 is. First, a bit of what this is and what it is not. This is a compilation of 53...
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2012 Awards: The halfwheel 25

Before this goes any further. Take time to remember what halfwheel is when it comes to reviews. We represent a minuscule piece of the pie...
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2012 Awards: The halfwheel Packaging Top 10

After somewhat of an absence last year, a tradition Brooks started at SmokingStogie is back, packaging awards. As the amount of releases continues to increase...
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The Consensus: 2011 Awards

For the 2010 rendition of this concept, click here to see Brian Hewitt’s work. Before anyone starts, I started this long before Bill Berris posted...
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