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Ask halfwheel: Why Don’t You Review More Cigars

Welcome back to Ask halfwheel—our weekly segment where we answer questions from readers. Today’s question comes from Hunter: If I had a question it would be,...
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Ask halfwheel: Will the Cuban Crop Affect the Premium Tobacco Industry in the U.S.?

Every Friday we answer one of the questions submitted to us by you, the readers. It’s a segment we creatively titled, Ask halfwheel. This week, reader...
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Ask halfwheel: What are the different varietals of tobacco, and how are they used in blending?

A few weeks ago we started a new weekly feature on halfwheel where we invite readers to ask questions of the staff, either about the site...
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Ask halfwheel: Can I now legally ship Cuban cigars to the U.S.?

Welcome back to perhaps the most timely version of our Friday feature, Ask halfwheel. Each Friday, we tackle a question (or two) from one (or more)...
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Ask halfwheel: What is the Rating Formula?

We invite you, the reader, to ask questions. You can do it in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter or you can email us for our...
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Ask halfwheel: Is the Review List Searchable?

Each Friday, except for last week apparently, we try to tackle a question asked by one of our readers. Reader Stewart(?) wanted to know whether...
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Ask halfwheel: Why Wasn’t the Tatuaje W Nice Ash 2015 on the Top 25

Each Friday, we reach into the mailbag and try to tackle a question asked by one of our readers. This week reader Tom R. wants...
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Ask halfwheel: Where’s the Guide to the End of the Embargo?

Each Friday, starting today, we will tackle one question asked to us by readers in our new, very creatively named segment: Ask halfwheel. Up first is...
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Announcing Ask halfwheel

Everyday, we get questions from readers and if one person is asking the question, there’s probably a few others that would like to know the...
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