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Ask halfwheel: What New Cigar Are You Most Looking Forward to at IPCPR 2016?

I am on my way to Vegas, hopefully. It’s the Friday before the 2016 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, officially the calm before the storm....
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Ask halfwheel: Does Climate Affect How You Should Store Cigars?

Friday. Time for another Ask halfwheel. As the name implies, each Friday we tackle a question from a reader about a wide range of topics. Today’s...
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Ask halfwheel: Why Are Some Cigars More Expensive Than Others?

Friday has once again so graciously come around, which means it is time for another installment of Ask halfwheel. This week, reader Brad P. has...
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Ask halfwheel: What Happens to New Cigars post-FDA?

I’m not sure I could have picked a better question. In May, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced its finalized version of the...
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Ask halfwheel: Can You Recommend Some Strong Cigars?

Today on Ask halfwheel, a rarity. Reader Matt managed to get all four of us to answer the same question: what are some strong (nicotine-wise) cigars?...
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Ask halfwheel: Why Do Manufacturers Not Disclose Their Blends?

Two weeks later, it’s time for Ask halfwheel again. This week’s question comes from reader Garron. It’s actually a pretty timely question given a recent review...
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Ask halfwheel: What are these three cigars?

Welcome back to another round of Ask halfwheel, our weekly segment where readers ask questions for the halfwheel staff. To date, most the questions have been about our...
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Ask halfwheel: What is the Best Way to Rehydrate Cigars?

Back again for perhaps our shortest question and answer in the Ask halfwheel series. This week’s question comes from reader Mike, who didn’t bother to write...
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Ask halfwheel: Who Decides What A Vitola Is?

It’s Ask halfwheel, our weekly segment where we give super long-winded responses without answering questions. Kidding. This week’s question comes from reader Bob: Having read copious...
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Ask halfwheel: Should I Drybox Wet Cigars?

It’s Friday, Friday, Fri—and time for Ask halfwheel, our weekly segment where we answer one question from a reader. Today’s question comes from Jacob: Can smoking a...
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Ask halfwheel: What does it take for a cigar to be recognized as a premium?

It’s Friday, and it’s time to answer another question submitted to Ask halfwheel by one of our readers. Yami recently asked the following: What does it...
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