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Ask halfwheel: Why aren’t you writing about Nicaragua?

As the civil conflict in Nicaragua has unfolded in the last two months, I’ve fielded questions from all over about why we weren’t writing about...
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Ask halfwheel: How Do I Store Cigars in High Heat?

It might be cold where you are, but reader Angga is in Indonesia and it’s apparently quite warm. As part of our weekly Ask halfwheel segment, Angga...
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Ask halfwheel: My Cigars Are Dry

Now that we’re in a month into the new year and hopefully all writing Year of the Rooster on our checks, we return to our...
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Ask halfwheel: Can I Sell Cigars I Rolled Without FDA Approval

It’s Friday and we’re back with another FDA-related question. This comes from reader Jon: As a hobbyist cigar roller, am I still allowed to sell...
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What Does a Trump Win Mean for Cuban Cigars in the U.S.?

As mentioned on Wednesday, more remains uncertain than certain about what the new president of the United States will do. Cuba and Cuban cigars remains...
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Five Reasons Why Cigar Companies Will Acquire More Retailers

Following the news that Imperial Brands, plc—the same company that owns Altadis U.S.A., JR Cigar and the Casa de Montecristo retail chain—purchased Serious Cigars, a...
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Ask halfwheel: How Do You Taste Crazy Flavors in a Cigar?

After a brief hiatus Ask halfwheel is back and with one of the most frequently asked, as well as controversial questions, we get asked on a regular...
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Ask halfwheel: How Long Do You Rest Your Palates?

It’s Friday, or Freitag as they say in German, which is appropriate as today is the start of the InterTabac Trade Fair in Dortmund, Germany. But...
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Ask halfwheel: Who Can Donate Cigars to Troops?

Update (Oct. 25, 2016) — FDA has stated that donating cigars to troops would classify as a “free sample.” As such, manufacturers and retailers are prohibited...
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Ask halfwheel: How Does Wrapper to Filler Ratio Work?

It’s Friday and it’s time for another slightly belated edition of Ask halfwheel, our weekly segment where we answer a question from readers. Today’s question comes...
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Ask halfwheel: Why Aren’t There More 10-Count Boxes

It’s Friday, which would normally mean Ask halfwheel, a weekly segment that has largely been on hiatus for the last month. Typically, readers submit questions to us...
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