Maine Bill Would Quadruple Cigar Tax

A new bill in Maine could more than quadruple the tax on cigars and other tobacco products in the state of Maine. L.D. 1028 would...
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Maryland Bill Would Remove Premium Cigar Tax

A bill in Maryland could remove the tax on premium cigars in the state of Maryland. Currently, the tax on premium cigars is 15 percent...
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Nebraska Cigar Tax Would Triple Under Proposed Bill

A bill in the Nebraska Legislature is seeking to more than triple the state’s tobacco tax—including the one levied on cigars—from 20 percent of the...
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Iowa Could See Drastic Cigar Tax Increase

A bill introduced into the Iowa Legislature on Wednesday is seeking to not only remove the state’s 50-cent cap on the cigar tax, but increase...
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New Hampshire Cigar Tax Bill Dies in Committee

An attempt to tax cigars in the state of New Hampshire has once again failed. Last week, the New Hampshire House Ways & Means Committee voted...
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Arizona Senator Calls for Higher Tobacco Taxes

An Arizona state senator is calling for a drastic increase in the state’s tobacco taxes in an effort to fund college education and hopes that...
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Mississippi Bills Could Increase Cigar Prices

A pair of bills introduced in the Mississippi legislature would raise the price of cigars in the state. H.B. 1499 would increase the state tax...
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Wyoming Tobacco Tax Increase Bill Fails

Last week, a bill was introduced in Wyoming that would have tripled the cigar tax; this week, the bill failed. H.B. 218 would have increased...
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Michigan Senators Propose Extending Cigar Tax Cap Indefinitely

The battle over Michigan’s 50-cent cap on the cigar tax will add a new chapter this legislation as five senators have introduced a bill to...
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Bill Introduced in Congress Would Ban Internet Cigar & E-Cigarette Sales, Flavored Tobacco

A new bill introduced in Congress would drastically change the U.S. federal government’s laws regarding tobacco products, most notably, banning the sale of cigars online...
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New Mexico Tobacco Tax and Purchasing Age Increase Bills Gets New Life

As quickly as one tobacco tax increase proposal in New Mexico died, another one has popped up to take its place. S.B. 72, which was...
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