Smoking Bans

Jonesboro, Ark. Passes First Reading of Parks Smoking Ban

A new ban on smoking and all tobacco use in parks got its initial approval on Tuesday, as the Jonesboro City Council unanimously approved the...
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Pismo Beach, Calif. Bans Smoking in Public Places

On Tuesday, legislators in Pismo Beach, Calif. approved an ordinance that will bring an end to smoking in most public places and comes with significant...
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Newburgh, N.Y. Bans Smoking in Parks

At its most recent meeting, the Newburgh City Council unanimously approved a ban on smoking in city-owned parks that will go into effect on May...
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Hampton, N.H. Voters Approve Parks & Beach Smoking Ban

It appears that the saga of the parks and beaches smoking ban in Hampton, N.H. may have finally come to a close as voters in...
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Arkansas Bill Seeking Smoking Ban Exemptions for Private Businesses Defeated

A bill that proposed a radical change to Arkansas’ Clean Indoor Air Act of 2006 has been defeated, having been rejected on Thursday by the...
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St. Johnsbury, Vt. Voters Approve Smoking Ban

Voters of St. Johnsbury, Vt. have effectively approved a smoking ban for town property, passing it during a recent election by a count of 653-314....
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Arkansas Legislator’s Bill Would Allow for Smoking In Private Businesses

An Arkansas legislator is proposing a drastic overhaul to the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act of 2006 that would allow for smoking in privately owned...
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Frisco, Texas Approves Restaurant Smoking Rooms

You soon might be able to smoke at a restaurant in the Dallas suburb of Frisco. The North Texas city approved a change to its...
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Montgomery County, Md. Expands Smoking Ban

On Tuesday, the Montgomery County Council voted unanimously in favor of an expansion to its smoking ban that will prohibit smoking in the outdoor areas...
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Alton, Illinois Approves Smoking Ban Exemption for Tobacco Stores

A vote by the Alton City Council on Wednesday could soon have cigar smokers lighting up in their local retailer. The council approved what amounts...
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Oklahoma Cigar Shops Could Lose Smoking Ban Exemption

An Oklahoma legislator has introduced a bill that would remove an exemption for cigar shops and cigar bars from the state’s Workplace Clean Air Act,...
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