Corpus Christi, Texas Bans Cigar Lounges From Operating Between 2-7 A.M.

If you want to smoke a cigar at 3 a.m. in Corpus Christi, you will have to do it somewhere other than a smoking lounge....
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Parsons, Kan. Removes Exemptions to Tobacco Purchasing Age Law

Yielding to requests made by retailers within the city, the Parsons City Commission voted 3-1 in favor of removing exemptions to its law that made...
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Alton, Illinois Approves Smoking Ban Exemption for Tobacco Stores

A vote by the Alton City Council on Wednesday could soon have cigar smokers lighting up in their local retailer. The council approved what amounts...
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Oklahoma Cigar Shops Could Lose Smoking Ban Exemption

An Oklahoma legislator has introduced a bill that would remove an exemption for cigar shops and cigar bars from the state’s Workplace Clean Air Act,...
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Leaders in Beverly Hills, Calif. Propose Banning All Tobacco Sales

Fresh off of passing a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco in December, the mayor and vice mayor of Beverly Hills have proposed a new...
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New Jersey Bill Would Restrict Tobacco Shipments to Those Under 21

In November 2017 it became illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase tobacco products in the state of New Jersey. Now a...
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Hawaii Online Tobacco Ban Bill Introduced Again

An effort to ban the online sale of cigars and other tobacco products in the state of Hawaii has once again been introduced. H.B. 387...
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Colorado’s Cigar Shops Could Lose Smoking Ban Exemption

A bill introduced into the Colorado Legislature is taking aim at exemptions to the state’s smoking ban, and could cost cigar smokers the ability to...
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Mississippi Bills Could Increase Cigar Prices

A pair of bills introduced in the Mississippi legislature would raise the price of cigars in the state. H.B. 1499 would increase the state tax...
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Virginia Bill Would Create Limited Liquor License for Cigar Shops

A bill making its way through the Virigina General Assembly would create a new, limited liquor license for retail cigar shops, though with some very...
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